Ultimate Guide to Headstones

When your loved one is buried in a public or private cemetery, some form of design or marker commonly called headstones are placed at the cranium of the grave to identify who is buried there, and some information about the person buried. The stones usually state the date of birth, sunset, the name of the deceased and some but not all include other information such as quotes, also known as epitaphs and images.

Headstone Features

Most almost all are made of either concrete, granite or bronze or even a combination of bronze and granite. Granite ranges in colours from pink to brown to greys to black, so when buying, it is wise always to have that chance of comparing between colours. Engraving is always available in various styles and typefaces. Monuments or gravestones come in different sizes, ranging from vintage rectangles to nicely curved sculptures; the market also offers flat flower vases choices.

Where to Buy Headstones
Gravestones can be bought from funeral homes, online retailers, funeral homes and third-party stores. It is also wise to have some clues about buying your headstones because not all cemeteries accept gravestones bought from other stores, or they might charge an extra fee for that matter. So always work hard with the cemetery and pick the right gravestone for your loved ones.


The cost of the gravestone is always calculated by its weight, which means the larger the plate, the more costly it gets. It is always wise to know that the headstone price does not come with additional features such as installation, engraving the custom features and other extensions. So if you are buying it in an online store, the installation and shipping fee might increase its buying price.

Be sure to understand all the rules about the cemetery regulations on headstones and how to install the same.