Here are the brewing tips for this tea to get a perfect taste.

A large porcelain teapot

First, it is essential to select a large porcelain pot so that the leaves can swirl freely. This is essential to get the full flavor. Pour hot water in the cups and pot and preheat them. When the cup and pot surfaces have gained enough warmth, drain it out.

One teaspoon of loose leaves

Put one spoon of loose leaves per cup of water in the pot. There are people who want a strong taste. They can add more leaves per cup for a stronger taste.

Water to boiling point

It is important to note that water plays an active role in the brewing process. Hence, it is important to use good quality of water. If it is not of good quality, then it can mar the entire brew. So bring a good quality of water to the boiling point. If required, you can also cool it to some extent, somewhere around 95 degrees Celsius.

Boiling water over the leaves

The next step is to pour the boiling water over the leaves. It is vital to allow the leaves to steep for about 5 minutes. To have a mild taste, one can reduce the brewing time. Note that the more is the brewing time, the bitter is the tea and vice versa.

Serving in bright and coppery colored cups

It is interesting to note that the color of cups plays an essential role in the entire process. Make sure that the color of the cups is bright and coppery. The aroma of a freshly brewed Assam tea should be like that of pungent spices of autumn. When you take a sip, it will have a vigorous and malty taste. While a summer flush of the brew is fruitier, the spring one is sweeter and flowery.

Buying Assam Mangalam Tea Online

Several stores sell this type of tea online. One can find multiple flavors of this blend of brew and order as per requirement.